Last year I was inspired by ‘50 books to read before you die’ bookmarks and similar things and realised that if I was ever going to get round to reading books I always meant to or remember to investigate books I’d picked up in shops and thought looked good I should note them all down in one place.
And so The Reading List came to be – a Word document where I write down books I want to read when I think of them. Over time I’ve also added films and webseries I want to watch. The things on the list range from those you’d normally find on a reading list like George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four to a bunch of Doctor Who books I picked up in the library (Confession: I add most other books I read to the list too, including re-reads, so I can have more crossed off items and feel like I’ve accomplished more).

My idea is to share what’s on the list, why it’s on the list, when I manage to cross something off the list and what I thought of it – this may be a long rant or a feeble couple of sentences, though I promise to try to write more than “It was good.”