Fish Fingers & Custard

In which I branch out and post about something I’ve always meant to do instead of read or watch – namely try fish fingers & custard!

In an ideal world it would be Fish Fingers & Custard Day (3rd April – date of first broadcast of The Eleventh Hour, the first to feature this culinary combination fyi) and I’d be at least watching Matt Smith era Doctor Who if not that exact episode. But I have the ‘ingredients’ now, April’s too far away and I only own 9th/10th Doctor episodes so I’m making do. 🙂

Guys, fish fingers and custard is surprisingly good! It’s probably just that fish fingers taste nice and custard tastes nice and together they – somehow – don’t destroy each other’s  flavour but I do think that it sort of works as a combination too – Eleven was onto something!

I went for Tooth and Claw – I’ve hardly ever watched Series 2 episodes (probably because they aired before the launch of iPlayer) and with lines like this it seemed appropriate for this blog.